Essential Information about Link Building

Essential Information about Link Building

No one can say that SEO is easy or fast process, however there are ways to make this an easier task, read on to find out how.

1.       Links Are Important 

Many articles and blogs lead the reader to believe that link building is dead, however this is not the case, and it has simply just changed. As long as people are using search engines to find information link building is necessary.

2. Quantity of Links

While it is not essential to know the number of links that will see you moving up in the rankings, any professional will tell you that the quality of the links are far more important that the quantity.

 3. High-Quality Content

The saying “content is king” is so true when it comes to link building. The better the quality of the content that you produce the more successful your link building will be.


4. Starting Point 

Creating links is dependent on the keyword, the industry, the website and many other important factors. Your link building strategy will be crafted in accordance to these factors but professional link builders will have the resources to determine the best starting point for you.

5. Links must be earned

To ask someone that you have no relationship with for a link is like asking a stranger for money. Relationships should be established and then the links will surface. By producing

6. It Is Harder Than You Could Imagine 

In the same way as you don’t know the number of links there is no set timescale for links to become effective. Link building is a slow process, and patience is required as the search engines are slow at indexing and evaluating the links also.

7. Rankings Drop If You Stop Building Links 

Link building is a continual and ongoing process. The search engines refresh listings constantly, so your content and links must always be relevant. It is also important to keep updating the content in order to fall within the refreshing process, as it will only count if you have fresh new content.

As you can see links are not created and active overnight, however work hard and pay special attention to the detail and your link building efforts will come to fruition.