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Hire the Best Performance Based SEO Companies for Affordable Results

If you were going to build a bricks and mortar store would you make sure that it was in a place that had a lot of potential customers? Would you advertise and market to let those customers know where you are and how to find you? Why wouldn’t you do the same thing with your website or online store?

Letting People Know You Are Open for Business
When you are online you need an affordable way to let people know that you have great products and where you are. Hiring the best performance based SEO companies to make this happen is a proven and reliable way to get results. SEO or search engine optimization has become a generic term for many marketing activities that help to raise your websites profile and improve its ranking on the major search engines.

Balancing Cost and Ranking
Keywords are vital to SEO because they can be easily tracked and easily included in your website, marketing efforts, links and content. While it is simple to find the most searched for keywords relevant to you and your products in most cases it would require a huge investment to appear on the first page of results.

A reason that the best performance based SEO companies recommend to look at less popular keywords is because with some in depth research they can be just as effective as the top keywords but at a fraction of the cost.

Goal Orientated Contracts
One of the innovations that the best performance based SEO companies have brought to the industry is using goals as part, or the entire basis of payments in the contract for services. This can give businesses the confidence to commit to an extensive strategy because they have a clear set of goals that must be met for each tier of payment to be made.

In many cases the contract covers very moderate goals, achievable goals and goals that are difficult but also rewards the best SEO companies well if they can produce these goals. This rewards them for work completed and encourages them to overachieve which will increase the visitors and sales of the business and increase the fee that the SEO Company receives.

Why The Best Performance Based SEO Companies Don’t Always Charge the Big Bucks

Search engine optimization is a hard thing to measure. You don’t ever really know how much of it happened naturally because you’re awesome or how much was the SEO company doing their thing. But an SEO company that has lots of clients and consistently manages to get them all ranked on the SERPs has what they call ‘performance-based value’. In other words, you can’t assume that they got lucky and every one of their clients was a winner — at some point, after so many dozens of clients, you have to admit that they’re either freakishly lucky or that they know their stuff.

That’s precisely why so many people are looking for the best performance-based SEO companies — because without performance-based value, you don’t actually know if a given SEO company is skilled or just going by rote and occasionally getting lucky enough to earn a testimonial from a client who did half of the heavy lifting themselves.

The surprising part to many people is that by the performance-based value metric, some SEO companies that charge huge amounts of money get piss-poor ratings, while other companies that charge very meager amounts end up providing HUGE value per dollar. Why does this happen? There are many reasons, but a big part of it is the opacity of the SEO market.

When you don’t actually have good ways to measure the value of a service, you don’t really have a good way to know how much money they make you. Which means that what really determines the prices that an SEO company can charge is what kind of clients they can attract. When you’re writing SEO content for, you’re going to end up making more money than if you’re writing SEO content for Ken Leatherman of the Warrior Forum, plain and simple. It may be that you’re actually providing better SEO value per dollar to Mr. Leatherman — but value per dollar isn’t as important in the SEO world as how well you do your SEO marketing.

This isn’t to say that paying more for SEO is necessarily a bad idea — only that doing your research and hiring a performance-valued SEO company is.