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How the Best Website Design Companies Can Help You

The need for websites to be functional, attractive and easy to use is not an easy task. When you throw in the need for each site to be different to other sites particularly those of a client’s major competitors then you can begin to understand why the best website design companies are in such high demand.

Graphic Design
The best website design companies employ innovative and experienced to ensure the look of the website, the integration of logos and the production of graphics, icons and buttons become a harmonious and effective whole. This can be more difficult than it seems and when a large multipage site is needed then it can become a juggling act that gets more complicated as each piece is revised.

While these design elements are being brought into a cohesive overall picture there are functional elements that also need to be addressed. It is vital to minimize load times so that customers are not waiting for pages to load because this is a guaranteed way to have then click onto another site. This then requires an additional balancing act so that the overall look is not compromised but that all graphics are optimized and load quickly.

Ease of Use
This can always be a contentious area of web design because a beautiful and artistic design that is impressive can sometimes make using the site difficult. Buttons that are difficult to read and functions that are not intuitive are important areas that need to be addressed. Small changes to the design can preserve the look and make your site much easier to use.

In The Loop
One of the major advantages of the modern digital design process is that from concept to approval and then from testing into final production you can be completely in the loop. Changes are quick and relatively easy so that you can always give your input on how you wish your website to look.

When you are able to be in the loop as far as the design process is concerned then you have more ownership of the website that will be the basis of your organizations web presence. This is a very positive thing and a hallmark of how the best website design companies can help you.

The Best Website Design Companies Know Their SEO, Too

I’m going to break all the rules here and talk about myself. I’m a ghostwriter, and I ghostwrite these blog articles for I ghostwrite for a boatload of other SEO websites and other small business blogs, too. Why am I breaking form? Simple: because I have a testimonial to give.

See, I’ve worked for several web design companies, ranging from the massive to the miniscule, and I can tell you right off the number one first thing that I look for when I pick a web design company for my personal use: I want a web design company that also does SEO. Those are the best website design companies around.

Why? Simple — form follows function. If you have a bunch of people creating the form of your website and they don’t understand one of it’s primary functions (to rank on the SERPs), how are they supposed to know what form to give it? It’s like building an umbrella and having a ‘water repelling expert’ come in and make modifications after the engineers already have a prototype built.

If, on the other hand, you have a web designer who can build for your search engine optimization concerns from the moment he first puts a less-than sign on his .htm document, you end up with a website that will have a much easier time ranking. Why?

  • SEO-savvy web designers know better than to put any unimportant text to the left of the important stuff — they know that spiders think the most important stuff comes first, and they read left to right.
  • A web designer that knows how to optimize will put the most important outgoing links first, for the same reason — the first outgoing link gets more juice than the next, and so on.
  • Without SEO understanding, a web designer might well ignore or misuse the metatags and lose out on a good portion of the SEO value of the ‘pre-text’ of a webpage.

And that’s just the really basic stuff — there are plenty of other ways that a web designer/SEO expert can accelerate your optimization with a few simple changes about the layout and functionality of your website. So while I’m not anything but a ‘lowly’ ghostwriter, I encourage you to take my advice: don’t hire a web designer unless they know their SEO, too.

Website Optimization: Humans vs. Spiders

The best website design companies in the market have mastered the art of speaking two languages at once: the English that most of the internet’s users speak, and the markup language that most if not every website spider uses to teach itself about the contents of a site. It’s a more difficult trick than it seems. No matter how simple your website, optimization for two variables means neither one of those variables will end up as good as it can be.

Here’s an example of what we mean: spiders read text, and nothing else, but human eyes love pictures. Putting up a landing page that consists of little more than a giant Flash banner and a few links to other pages on the site might be awesome from and end-user perspective, but gives Google no idea of what the page might be about, because the Flash banner is just a giant blank spot to a spider.

Similarly, a spider starts in your left-most column and reads down, then moves to the next-leftist column, and reads down, and so forth. Search engines put more emphasis on the text that comes at the beginning of a website — but if you’re designing for a human, you may assume that the ‘beginning’ is the top of the central, ‘main’ column, and you’d be wrong. The most important stuff should be at the top of the left-most column, even if, to human eyes, that looks a little odd. (This is why columns on the right side of blogs are more popular than those on the left side.)

So if you want your content to rank the most easily, you want to write for the spiders, but if you want it to get the most social attention, you want to write for human minds. How do you do both at the same time? Well, first you familiarize yourself with the rules of on-page SEO and the mechanics of how spiders work. Then, you find the most human-friendly content that will fit into that cookie cutter. It’s something that the best website design companies have been doing for years.