Do The Best Email Marketing Campaign Companies Allow Spam?

There are a lot of autoresponder companies out there — groups offering a SaaS (software as a service) model of business. You hook up with them, write your emails, and set them up. The software sends those emails out on a regular basis, and some percentage of the people you sent them to opens them up. Then some percentage of them read them and get the marketing message you buried in there, and they buy something, and you either are the seller or you’re an affiliate and you get a percentage of the sale.

Those are not the email marketing campaign companies. Those are the autoresponder companies; some of them are also email marketing campaign companies, but not all (or even most.) The email marketing campaign companies are the ones that actually organize a plan behind the emails, write them, track the results, and make adjustments to your campaign as results come in. Some of them even supplement your email campaign with aggressive website marketing through other routes as well.

They’re a much more in-depth service than the hands-off SaaS autoresponder folks. They’re like any other marketing agency: they want to see you succeed because they profit from your profit. That’s exactly why the best email marketing campaign companies have an incredibly strict no-spam policy. Many of them will drop you as a client if they get a third complaint about spam — and we’re talking about email here, where people will report you as spam just because you’re not already on their whitelist.

Why the hatred of spam? Simple: first, sending spam makes your business look bad, and these folks have enough potential clients that they don’t want to waste time on a client that is willing to make themselves look bad. Second, autoresponder companies have even stricter anti-spam policies than the email marketing campaign firms, and if your autoresponder gets canned, your email campaign is essentially over. Finally, people can and do research these email marketing companies, and they don’t want even a whiff of spam attached to their reputations.

So, no: the best email marketing campaign companies don’t allow spam, end of story.