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Do You Need The Best Link Building Services Companies?

It can be a difficult choice when confronted with several quotes for link building. People always ask themselves if they really need to go with the best link building services companies when they have a cheaper quote from a lesser company. As with many questions that involve quality versus cost the answer is almost always, yes go with the best.

SEO and Link Building
One of the best ways to boost SEO is through quality link building. This takes time and money and it can be attractive to try and do it faster and at lower cost using automated link build services. Be warned that many of these techniques can lead to links being removed from sites and your website being blacklisted by search engines. The days of using tricks and huge numbers of spammed links are well and truly over.

Search Engines Look For Quality
All of the major search engines have modified their search algorithms to discount low quality links and increase the value of quality links. In the same way the keywords that are overused actually cause pages to be rank lower. Many websites have found that the money that they have spent building huge networks of links have to spend more money removing them because they are so damaging to their page ranking. When you use the best link building services companies then you avoid this sort of problem and have good links that will keep building SEO far into the future.

Good Content, Good Links
One of the best ways to build quality links is to have quality content. This makes sense because good content is informative and interesting and people like to share this sort of information with others. This is not an accident industry giants such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft understood that people were not happy with the way there search engines were not giving good results. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on finding the best ways to allow them to charge advertisers to be displayed in searches and to offer real interesting results that will satisfy users.

It has worked and if you want to compete then using the best link building services companies to build quality links is definitely the way to go.

Simply The Best: Link Building Services Companies That Survived Penguin & Panda

If you haven’t heard of Panda and Penguin yet, you probably don’t know your SEO (that’s search engine optimization) from your BRB. But just in case, here’s the TWOL version: Panda and Penguin made website marketing harder by raising the bar. They raised the bar for content, penalizing websites with small amounts of content, websites with duplicated content, and websites with content that was more annoying to the end user than helpful (DO YOU HEAR ME, POPUP ADS?!?). They raised the bar for marketing by penalizing websites that engage in any number of “low-quality” or “spammy”.

One of the practices that was deemed “low-quality” with the Penguin update was link building. Link building was, at one point, considered perfectly fine by Google, but as the practice became ubiquitous to the point that people had robots roaming the web commenting meaninglessly on random blogs, the big G started taking a disliking to it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that link building died — it just meant that the best link building companies had to find ways to make link building work even with Google’s strictures. There’s really two ways to go about it.

Honest Links
The first method is to create ‘honest’ links by posting guest posts, asking for links from site owners, and whipping the social media sphere into a frenzy over some share-worthy content. The honest method is expensive and can be quite time-consuming, but if you pay for it, you’ll build yourself a very solid position in the SERPs. The likelihood that you’ll ever feel the pain of a Google slap is slim to none.

Grey-hat Links
Many of the best link-building companies steadfastly refused to ‘go legit’, instead mastering several ways of evading Google’s detection. These companies build backlinks by using proxy servers to appear to come from different parts of the country or world; they post 24 hours a day so Google can’t set up a time profile for them. They build backlinks just like they used to, but they use a different name for every profile they create and they use an array of random anchor texts in order to give a natural appearance to their creations.